Galiciana-Digital Library of Galicia wants to contribute to the commemoration of the Galician Letters Day 2019, dedicated to Antonio Fraguas Fraguas, with the creation of a new microsite that collects the work as a writer of this prolific author.

Antonio Fraguas was a historian, ethnographer, anthropologist and geographer. All his efforts were devoted to expanding and disseminating knowledge about Galician culture. To this end, he collaborates from a very young age with the press, both in specialized journals in their fields of study, and in the major newspapers of the general scope of our community.

From its beginnings, the newspaper library section of Galiciana-Digital Library of Galicia is the great project of this digital library. Its objective is, and continues to be, to preserve the Galician periodicals that run the risk of disappearing, thus, today we have as a result an important collection of newspapers and magazines in digital format, which keeps growing.

To elaborate the Antonio Fraguas microsite, a periodical emptying of the periodicals digitized in Galiciana-Digital Library of Galicia was carried out. The result of this emptying is a collection of 68 articles belonging to publications such as La Noche, which contributes 61, all written in Spanish with the exception of one, A man do cruceiro, in which the visit of Castelao to Loureiro, Cotobade, homeland of  Fraguas, to draw his cruceiros. In El Pueblo Gallego he published 3 articles, among them the first that Antonio Fraguas writes in the press, on October 8, 1927, dedicated to the sculptor Uxío Souto.

Also included in this microsite is the first work of Fraguas on archeology, Mámoas do Saviñao, published in 1930 in Arquivos de Estudos Galegos, together with Florentino López Cuevillas and María Pura Lorenzana. In the issue of October 1955, dedicated to Lugo, from the magazine Vida Gallega, he publishes an article about the Miño river and its legends, whose digitization we offer in this new microsite. Finally, there are also two articles from 1969 and 1974 that Fraguas wrote for the programs of the celebrations in honor of the Apostle, held in Santiago de Compostela.

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