Galicia has a rich cultural heritage constituted by material and immaterial goods that, by his recognised own value, have to be studied and considered for the permanence and the identity of the Galician culture through the time. The General Direction of the Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, Education and University Ordination is the department to the that corresponds him the coordination of the performances in matter of historical heritage, archaeologic, paleontological, artistic, architectural and ethnological in all his demonstrations, as well as in matter of museums.

One of his departments, the Servizo of Arqueoloxía of the Sub-directorate Xeral of Conservation and Restoration of Bens Culturais, is the manager of the promotion and management of archaeologic performances. The execution of an archaeologic intervention requires the presentation and the previous permission of a project, as well as the delivery of a memory at the end of the activity in which it reflect  the development and the results of these archaeologic works.

These memories collect big quantity of fundamental information for the conservation of our cultural heritage and result of big interest for the studious and researchers in the matter. Galiciana-Digital Library of Galicia, in collaboration with the Servizo of Arqueoloxía, wants to put to disposal of all the citizens this important batch of documents fruit of the development of the archaeologic activity in Galicia from his starts.

In the first phase of this project collaborated the Foundation Luis Monteagudo by means of the digitalisation of a group of archaeologic memories and a series of publications edited by the Servizo of Arqueoloxía that do  accessible in Galiciana-BDG in format PDF. The aim is to continue increased this collection in the next years and contribute like this to facilitate the investigation and promote the diffusion of the rich archaeologic heritage of Galicia.

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